After Israel partially reopened its skies on Monday to arrivals from some 20 “green” countries which have low coronavirus contagion rates, the State Control Committee convened on Tuesday to discuss the future of aviation during the corona pandemic.

After months of closed skies, limited flights to some European countries began Monday, allowing Israelis to return from a number of countries designated as “green” to enter without needing to quarantine, while Israelis will be able to travel to three countries without isolating first.

Israelis and foreign residents will be allowed to arrive quarantine-free from the United Kingdom, Slovenia, New Zealand, Georgia, Denmark, Austria, Canada, Estonia, Rwanda, Italy, Finland, Latvia, Hong Kong, Germany, Hungary, Cyprus, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Israelis will be allowed to travel to Bulgaria, Croatia, and parts of Greece and not have to enter quarantine when they return home. Israelis will be required to undergo a coronavirus test before boarding their flights.