During a special Knesset session held Tuesday to mark the Day of Appreciation for Army Reserve Soldiers, Prime Minister MK Benjamin Netanyahu honored those who are at ready hand to defend the country.

“We live in a changing world, in a world of knowledge. When speaking to ministers from the United Arab Emirates, I said that the future belongs to nations that cherish innovation. But the same is true for our military and defense establishment,”  Netanyahu said, adding that “this innovation is scattered across our society. When we use our reservists we’re adding new minds and hearts for a joint collaborative effort focused on our defense.”

“During the Yom Kippur War we witnessed a failure on the political level. The ones who ended up tipping the balance of the war were the reservists … Three weeks later our forces were positioned on the outskirts of Cairo and Damascus. That’s an unprecedented achievement in the history of war.”

“You’ve saved the country before, and you’re assuring its future today,” the prime minister concluded.