The two were injured when they accidentally detonated the bomb that they were trying to build.

Shuafat, East Jerusalem

Shuafat, East Jerusalem Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel, Flash90

Last night (Wednesday), Israel Police responded to reports of a large explosion in Shuafat, a Palestinian refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

At approximately 11 pm, Israeli security forces rushed to the site of a large explosion in East Jerusalem in which two Palestinian men were injured. One of the men is in critical condition.

Israel Police officers arrested 8 suspects who were involved in the explosion which, according to reports, was caused by a bomb that was detonated accidentally.

The initial investigation indicates that the men, working in an apartment on the fourth floor of a residential building, were attempting to build a makeshift bomb.

Security forces who arrived at the scene- Border Patrol solders, sappers and forensic experts among them- were met by rioting Palestinians.

About 80,000 Palestinians live in Shuafat, a neighborhood cut off from the rest of Jerusalem by the security wall. Residents have complained of high crime and murder rates due to the lack of police supervision in the area. Indeed, many deadly terror attacks in Israel were perpetrated by terrorists from Shuafat.