The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the ten caravans slated for demolition were illegally built on Palestinian-owned land.

Video Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit

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This morning (Sunday), Israeli security forces began the demolition ten dwellings in West Tapuach, a caravan outpost in the West Bank.

Security forces were met with violent resistance from pro-settlement activists and eleven officers sustained injuries.

According to the Israel Police, police and Border Patrol officers at the outpost “encountered violence and unusual and active resistance, which included the throwing of incendiary material, bleach, sticks, eggs and other objects at security forces.”

Police subsequently arrested six activists for assault according to the Israel Police Twitter page. However, other reports indicate that over 40 protesters were apprehended by the security forces.

The Israeli Supreme Court recently ruled that illegal buildings in a number of outposts throughout the West Bank be demolished due to land dispute cases.

The West Tapuach outpost was founded in 2001 without approval from the Civil Administration planning committee. However, according to TPS, the basic infrastructure as well as the mobile homes that made up the outpost were provided by the government, which they believed offered them de-facto legitimacy despite the lack of official recognition.

Last Tuesday, Israel Police forces demolished 15 buildings in the Netiv Ha’avot outpost in Gush Etzion. They were met by hundreds of protesters who barricaded themselves in the buildings slated for demolition, waving Israeli flags.

Approximately 500,000 Jewish settlers live in the West Bank, among about 2.6 million Palestinians. Four outposts were destroyed in the past 18 months after courts ruled that the land was privately owned by Palestinians.