74-year-old Yosef Kilneski died this morning after he was trapped in a flooded underpass in Haifa. His wife called for the people responsible for this tragedy to pay the price. First responders were called to the same scene in order to rescue a woman who was stuck on the roof of her vehicle but did not notice Kilneski.

The woman being rescued in Haifa

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Earlier today (Tuesday) the Israel Police announced that it might launch an investigation into the death of 74-year-old Yosef Kilneski, the Haifa resident who died today (Tuesday) due to hypothermia after being trapped in a flooded underpass. After this announcement was made, the man’s wife said: “The person responsible [for my husband’s death] needs to pay the price.”

Kilneski was stuck in his car in a flooded underpass in the Haifa Bay area. When he was discovered by rescue teams, he was evacuated in critical condition to Haifa’s Rambam Hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead. The Israel Fire and Rescue Services internally reviewed the incident and claimed that its first responders acted in accordance with the guidelines despite the fact that they did not locate Kilneski initially. However, the Israel Police is debating whether to launch an official investigation into the incident.

The scene of the incident

The scene of the incident Photo Credit: Israel Fire and Rescue Services/Channel 2 News

The fire and rescue first responders were rushed to the scene in order to rescue a woman who was in a private vehicle. Behind her vehicle was a truck, which was searched as well. The car behind the truck was Kilneski’s vehicle. Kilneski’s family decided to send his body for an autopsy at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute.

After reviewing the incident, the Israel Fire and Rescue Services announced: “The firefighters acted as needed and rescued the woman who was stuck on the roof of her car, which was the only reason why they were rushed to the scene. The team searched the additional two cars that were at the scene while it was dark outside and the underpass was flooded.”