The Israel Police questioned two parents who chaperoned the Bar Mitzvah hiking group in late November after one of them shot and killed a Palestinian who attacked the group. The findings of the investigation revealed that the shooting was in self-defense and the police will recommend closing the case.

Qusra incident

Qusra incident Photo Credit: TPS

The findings of the police investigation of the Qusra incident, during which a father chaperoning a Bar Mitzvah hiking group shot and killed a Palestinian, concluded that the shooting was carried out in self-defense. The violent incident took place in late November, when a group of Jewish teenagers and several adults were attacked by residents of the Palestinian village of Qusra.

The investigation revealed that the parents shot in the air; however, the bullets inadvertently hit several of the Palestinians who were standing on a higher terrace. The autopsy results confirmed this version of events. The police will recommend closing the case.

As previously reported by JOL, one of Palestinians involved in the incident was indicted for attempted murder on Monday in a military court hearing. The accused, Muhammad Wadi, attacked one of the adults chaperoning the Bar Mitzvah hiking trip. 20 Palestinians were arrested for involvement in the violent incident. Some of them are also suspected of participating in violent riots in the days that followed and inciting terrorism.