Jerusalem police were successful in thwarting a stabbing attack in the city on Monday.

The police received a report about a suspicious person on his way to the Mizmoria checkpoint in the south of the city. Police forces searched him until he was located. The suspect, 27, from the nearby village of Tzur Baher, who noticed the policemen searching for him and threw his knife down on the side of the road.

In his initial interrogation, he claimed that he wanted to harm the security forces due to the death of his mother. The would-be terrorist was arrested and taken for questioning in the Central Unit of the Jerusalem District.

The incident occurred three weeks after an Arab terrorist launched a stabbing attack on a Jewish student in Jerusalem.

The victim managed to fend off the terrorist and sustained a light injury to his hand. The injured man called the police, who arrived at the scene and began searching for the terrorist.

The incident began when the terrorist started walking close to the victim, and at one point started cursing him and tried to attack him. The man pushed the terrorist away and was hit in his hand from the terrorist’s knife.