The Israeli Justice Ministry filed an indictment against a policewoman and her brother for falsifying a deceased woman’s will in order to inherit her property.


Ilustration Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), the Police Internal Investigations Department of the Israeli Justice Ministry filed an indictment against a former policewoman and her brother for fraud. This, after the policewoman took advantage of her access to the police database in order to locate a woman without heirs who passed away and forged her will to inherit her property.

According to the indictment, the policewoman obtained the details of the victim and checked that she had no first-degree relatives who might claim her inheritance. In the false will, the deceased announces her desire to bequeath to the policewoman and her brother all of her property, including a residential apartment and its contents, all the funds in her bank accounts, managers’ insurance, pension funds, life insurance and more.

The policewoman claimed that the deceased was her mother’s good friend and that she and her brother took care of her for many years. In addition, the brother was accused of providing false information and false resumes in order to help his sister get hired as a lecturer at a college.