Palestinians dressed as Nazi camp prisoners are expected to march towards the border.

Palestinians gather tires to be burned during the Naksa Day protests.

Palestinians gather tires to be burned during the Naksa Day protests. Photo Credit: Video screenshot via ABC news

Ahead of Naksa Day, Israel’s southern division commander has declared the border area with Gaza a closed military zone and no civilian vehicles are allowed near the border. Heavy protests are expected at the end of prayers on the last Friday of Ramadan. Simultaneously, the IDF is preparing for rocket attacks and said it would respond fiercely.

Thousands of Palestinians, encouraged by the Hamas regime, are expected to arrive at the border for the Naksa, the annual day of that commemorates the displacement of the Palestinian people following the Six Day War. The IDF spokesperson said that 4,000 Palestinian protesters have already set fire to tires in five different areas along the fence, and that Israeli forces were using measures to disperse the riots and that they have been given orders to follow the protocol for opening fire.

An Israeli soldier today suffered a very minor injury caused by smoke inhalation from an explosive kite thrown across the border.

The IDF warned the residents of the Israeli communities along the border to stay away from flaming kites, as they may be booby-trapped.

According to Palestinian reports, 1,500 flaming kites have been prepared ahead of the riots. A number of fires already broke out in the area on Friday morning, close to Nahal Oz, Kerem Shalom, Nir Am and Be’eri. The Israeli army is prepared to deal with the high likelihood that rockets will be launched across the border, which, according to its estimations, can reach areas beyond the border fence region. Israel’s Iron Dome system is in effect to combat the expected attacks from the Strip.

Last night, Israel’s Hadashot news reported that Palestinians are planning to wear uniforms similar to those worn by Nazi camp prisoners and to march towards the border wearing the striped uniform that is heavily associated with Jewish Holocaust victims.