With just one day left until the US embassy relocates to Israel’s capital city, the final preparations are well underway. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry was criticized by MKs for allegedly banning lawmakers from attending the ceremony. However, the ministry eventually clarified that the MKs have been invited to the ceremony.

Watch: The final preparations in Jerusalem (Video Credit: Ziv Sokolov/US Embassy in Israel)

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The US delegation to the embassy opening in Jerusalem will land in Israel on Sunday, one day before the highly-anticipated move. The delegation members will be welcomed at the airport by Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry officials.

Some MKs criticized the Foreign Affairs Ministry for trying to prevent them from attending the opening ceremony. According to reports, the ministry was concerned that some of the MKs might act inappropriately. The public criticism prompted the ministry to cancel the ban and extend invitations to Israel’s lawmakers.

Amid the upcoming embassy relocation, hundreds of people marched in Jerusalem last night to protest against the move. They claim that the move will escalate the security situation, spread hatred and undermine any chance of peace.

Following US President’s Donald Trump latest tweet about the embassy relocation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted, “Thank you President Trump for keeping your promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to move your embassy here.” According to reports, Trump administration officials have told their Israeli counterparts that Israel will not have to pay a price for the embassy relocation, mainly because Trump will soon lay down his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.