During Tuesday’s meeting of the Special Committee on the Novel Coronavirus and for Examining the State’s Preparations for Epidemics and Earthquakes, it was revealed that the Health Ministry will soon submit to the Corona Cabinet a plan for allowing tourists from “green” countries to enter Israel, and for the travel of Israelis abroad.

“We must keep in mind that this is not just about Ben-Gurion Airport and the people who work there. There are many more circles of people who make a living from this world, and we must care for their livelihood,” Committee Chairwoman MK Yifat Shasha-Biton said.

“Apart from declarations, the state has no organized plan for opening the aviation industry. 200,000 people make a living from this industry, and nearly half of them are currently not able to make a living, and they have no horizon,” MK Mickey Levy said, adding that 40 other countries have already done so.

As of now, Israelis are not allowed to enter European states because its morbidity rates 10 times higher than the threshold of a ‘green’ country as defined by the EU council.