You can visit the Louvre, Disney World, national parks around the world – and now Israel’s  President’s residence! Find time to join us in Jerusalem and visit the President’s residencewith its rich and fascinating history.

President Reuven Rivlin has invited people from Israel and around the world to take a virtual tour of the President’s Residence. Four years ago, the President’s residence opened its visitors’ center and every year tens of thousands of people come and visit, but because of the coronavirus outbreak the tours have been suspended.

Every week, a different part of the tour will be uploaded to the president’s social media accounts. Director-General of the President’s residence Harel Tubi said, “we have created the virtual tour for kids and families stuck at home, but it is no substitute for the real thing. Enjoy the virtual tour, but don’t forget: when things get back to normal, come on a real tour with the visitors’ center at the President’s residence.”

On the first tour, visitors will hear about the history of building the President’s residence. and will visit the Avenue of the Presidents in the gardens. In the next tour, we will see the ceremonial spaces in the President’s residence., looking at its history, the personal stories and see the art and the archaeology on display.

The third tour will focus on the famous gardens of the President’s residence, where the president holds the annual “All Israel from Jerusalem” ceremony, where 120 outstanding IDF soldiers are honored on Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s independence day.

It will include the Avenue of the Leaders, trees planted over the years by global leaders on their visits over the years, including HRH The Prince of Wales, US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and the tree planted in memory of the president’s late wife, Nechama Rivlin.

On becoming president, President Rivlin gave an instruction that the President’s residence. would be the home of all Israeli people and that anyone who wanted to visit would be able to do so. Since the official opening of the visitors’ center in the second year of his presidency, some 100,000 visitors have come to the President’s residence.

The tours will be posted on the president’s social media channels:

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· Instagram: @presidentruvi,