The Palestinian security prisoners agreed to end the hunger-strike following a special meeting in which the Palestinian National Authority agreed to finance an additional monthly visit. Officials in Israel deny negotiating with the prisoners and claim that none of the initial demands were met.


Barghouti Photo credit: Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

After the Palestinian security prisoners announced the end of the hunger-strike, today (Saturday), the Israel Prison Service denies that any negotiations took place regarding the prisoners’ demands. The hunger-strike ended following a meeting that took place yesterday between the leaders of the strike.

Senior-level Israeli officials clarified that throughout the entire strike, as well as yesterday, no negotiations took place with the security prisoners and there was also no outside involvement or pressure from the US in any way. Senior-level security officials allowed the prisoners to hold the meeting and transferred Marwan Barghouti with 10 other leaders to one prison to discuss the end of the hunger-strike.

During the meeting, the prisoners talked on the phone with Minister of Civil Affairs in the Palestinian Authority Hussein Al-Sheikh and received his agreement to pay for an additional monthly visit from the prisoners’ families. The only official Israeli representative who talked with the prisoners was the Head of the Intelligence Division of the Israel Prison Service, who told them that Israel agrees to the second monthly visit.

Senior-level Israeli officials emphasized that the prisoners did not receive any of the conditions that Barghouti demanded in order to end the hunger-strike.