In the sketch, a local comedienne performed a satire version of the Eurovision winning song “Toy” dressed up as Israel’s Netta Barzilai.

The sketch

The sketch Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

Israel’s ambassador to the Hague sent a letter on Tuesday to protest against a satirical “reconstruction” of Israel’s recent Eurovision winning song “TOY.”

During the much-watched satire, a local comedienne accompanied by two dancers performed a version of Netta Barzilai’s hit song, which has been hailed as a breakthrough sensation.

The local show is watched by close to a million viewers across Holland.

Prior to the three-women performance, the host of the show made comments about Israel that included a statement about last week being one of the deadliest weeks in Gaza, with over 60 people killed. The host added that Israel would be hosting the show next year thanks to its recent win.

The introduction was followed by the comedienne’s satire version, which included wording such as “I am a sweet country,” “I put out fires with a kiss,” “we are having a party,” “are bombs kosher?” “send a bomb…send a bomb…,” “leaders of the world are obediently eating from my hands,” “look how nicely I am sending a bomb,” and “there will be no Palestine here.”

Watch: The anti-Israel sketch

The singer used the original gestures made by Barzilai in the name of feminism to deliver criticism against Israel.

The background showed photos of the security fence, the violent protests and injured Gazans being carried away.

Copies of the letter sent by the Israeli ambassador were also sent to the Dutch Foreign Ministry and Jewish communities across Holland.