Israel’s National Security Council is advising Israelis not to travel to locations such as Afghanistan, Turkey, Sinai and other places where ISIS is actively planning terror attacks.


Sinai Photo credit: Max Pixel

Israel on Sunday published a list of travel warnings for the upcoming Passover vacation, focusing on countries in which there is an imminent threat of terror attacks by ISIS.

There are 28 countries on the list, sorted by their level of threat. Israel’s National Security Council stressed that ISIS, in particular, is looking to expand its borders. “The current period is characterized by a re-shaping of terrorist acts across the world,” Israel’s National Security Council said in a statement. “The activities of the US-led coalition and the Russian front against ISIS in Syria and Iraq have forced the organization and its members to go beyond the boundaries of these countries.”

It added that ISIS has been focusing its activity in places like Afghanistan, Turkey, the Sinai Peninsula, the southern Philippines and some African countries.

The Council said ISIS can no longer carry out terror attacks as frequently as it used to, but its ideology is still inspiring many individuals to carry out independent attacks. “The majority of terror attacks over the past year, mainly against Western countries, were in fact initiated by local groups and individuals who have adopted the organization’s ideology.”