In a new documentary series, celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay looks at the world’s cocaine consumption rates after having witnessed the drug’s consequences throughout his career in the restaurant industry. Surprisingly, Israel placed in the top 20; with its relatively small population, the Jewish State ranked 17th out of 115 countries compared


Illustration Photo Credit: 123RF/Channel 2 News

The Telegraph published on Wednesday a rating of the world’s countries according to their consumption of cocaine. According to published data, Israel ranks high, one of the top 20 countries where the drug’s consumption is greatest.

The rankings were compiled with data collected through the production of a British documentary series, produced by ITV and moderated by celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay. The documentary aims to compare the consumption of various substances, such as marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes, between countries around the world.

The global comparison takes into account the ratio between drug consumption and population size, using information drawn from the UN Drugs and Crime Unit’s latest data. Albania ranked first, with 2.5% of its population consuming cocaine, while Scotland and the United States ranked second and third, respectively. Surprisingly, Israel was placed 17th out of 115 countries, with a 1.07% usage rate.

Some would likely be surprised to find that Colombia, a country notoriously associated with the drug’s manufacture and distribution, ranked only 34th with only 0.7% of the Colombian population using the drug. Yet in African and Middle Eastern countries, the drug’s use is minimal possibly due to its reputation as a “drug for the rich.”

Ramsay stated that he decided to deal with the subject after witnessing how the drug destroyed some of his colleagues’ careers, including the death of one in 2003. According to Ramsay, he was exposed to the drug early on in his career and continuously faced with it, claiming “cocaine is everywhere in the restaurant industry.”

The program also dealt with the consumption rates of other substances. Ranked first in alcohol consumption was Belarus, Montenegro ranked first in cigarette use and Iceland took first in marijuana consumption. The United States? First in its consumption of sugar, worldwide.