Israel reduced the amount of power supplied to Gaza this morning because the Palestinian Authority has decided to stop paying Gaza’s entire electricity bill. There are concerns that a humanitarian crisis will break out because of the reduced amount of electricity.

Life in Gaza

Life in Gaza Photo Credit: EPA

Israel reduced the amount of electricity it supplies to Gaza by about 6.7% on Monday morning after the Israeli Security Cabinet approved the plan last week. The power supply decrease is expected to reduce the daily availability of electricity in Gaza by about 45 minutes.

The spokesperson for Israel Electric Corporation confirmed that the planned reduction has begun. The decision to reduce the power supply was made after the Palestinian Authority announced that it will no longer cover Gaza’s electricity needs. The PA said that it will only pay 70% of Gaza’s electricity bill, which could lead to an outbreak of violence and a humanitarian crisis.

Last week, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman blamed the PA for the electricity crisis in Gaza. “If the Palestinians pay, they will receive electricity,” he said. “If not, they won’t receive [it].” Lieberman stressed that Israel has no problem with providing power to Gaza but Israel should not be the one that has to pay for it.