The countries were reprimanded by the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Deputy Director-General for Western Europe.

Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry in Jerusalem

Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry in Jerusalem Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash 90

The ambassadors of Spain, Slovenia and Belgium have been summoned by the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry for supporting the UN Human Rights Council’s decision to open an investigation into Israel’s alleged role in the deaths of Gazan protesters.

Last week, 29 states voted in favor of investigating Israel while only two, the US and Australia, voted against the resolution. 14 countries abstained, including Britain and Germany.

Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said that the meeting with the ambassadors will be held with the ministry’s Deputy Director-General for Western Europe, Dr. Rodica Radian-Gordon.

The Spanish and Slovenian ambassadors were ordered to appear on Monday while the Belgian envoy will have his meeting today.

In a meeting held Friday, the head of the UN Human Rights Council said there was no justification for using deadly weapons and claimed there was no evidence showing that Israel had made any efforts to reduce the number of victims. The UN official also added that the international community should intervene and hold those responsible accountable.

Israel responded harshly to the accusations. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted: “There is nothing new under the sun. An organization that calls itself the Human Rights Council once again proves that it is hypocritical and biased and that its purpose is to harm Israel and support terror. But mostly it has proven that it is irrelevant.”

“Israel completely rejects the resolution that was adopted by an automatic anti-Israel majority whose results were known from the start,” Netanyahu added in a different tweet. “Israel will continue to defend its citizens and soldiers as it has the right to defend itself.”