Israel’s Education Committee has finalized its decision regarding the government’s regulations that prohibit the activity of educational institutions during the general lockdown, which is meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“We will continue to fight so that working parents will have an educational framework for their children,” said Education Committee Chairman MK Ram Shefa on Thursday.

“We understand that there is a rise in the morbidity rate, and therefore not all the educational institutions can be opened right now, but we will keep working to open the frameworks for the lower age brackets as soon as possible. The next debate will be held before Simchat Torah in order to prepare for the period after the holidays,” he said

The regulations determine that all institutions that conduct educational activity will be closed to pupils, excluding a few institutions or activities, such as special education institutions, educational institutions for at-risk youth, boarding schools, and others.

The committee members asked that the new regulations include separate guidelines regarding the closure of educational institutions for the various age groups so that the committee will have the option of annulling some of the clauses to allow the opening of educational institutions for some age groups.

The government denied the committee’s request, but during the committee’s debate earlier in the day, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of public health at the Health Ministry, said educational institutions for children aged 10 and under will be the first to reopen.