The First Israeli unmanned spacecraft will be launched to the moon on December 2018 and land on February 13, 2019

Israel space ship

Five years ago, three young Israelis decided to join an elite group of those who reached the moon. Although they were shooting for a launch in 2015, they had to put it off a little. They founded a non-profit organization called Space IL and recruited volunteers and strategic partners as well as investors with deep pockets.

After 3 years of planning an unmanned spaceship, which would land on the moon, the Israel Aerospace Industries stepped in to help build the spaceship.

NASA will assisting SpaceIL on first Israeli spacecraft mission to land on the Moon for research.

NASA and the Israeli Space Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology have signed a cooperation agreement with SpaceIL, which is to launch a first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon in the coming months.

NASA will allow SpaceIL to receive spacecraft and deep space communication services using the agency’s giant antenna array.

After more than 30 years of moon travel, this is the first time another country, Israel, has made a venture like this.