The Israeli space spacecraft Beresheet failed to land on the moon last night.

After beginning its final landing maneuver at 22:10 Israel time the unmanned spacecraft lost it’s thrusters and ended up crashing on the moon.

The IAI engineers who were operating the spacecraft from Israel officially announced to the public via a live stream that the scheduled landing at 22:25 would not happen.

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu who was present in the control room at the consoled the engineers and the nation. “Write this down, in three years we will get another spacecraft on the moon, and this one will land in one piece”.

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. We’ll try again, and next time we’ll just try it more gently”  said Netanyahu.

Beresheet was launched on February 22nd that spent time orbiting the earth before heading to the moon. Had it landed successfully  Israel would have become the fourth country in history to achieve this feat.

The spacecraft carried with it a time capsule containing the flag of Israel, hand picked photos, digital files of the Bible and drawings made by schoolchildren.