Today, it was revealed for publication that a former employee of a large Israeli bank was arrested after attempting to blackmail the bank for ransom.


Illustration Photo credit: 123RF/ Channel 2 News

This morning (Sunday), after an undercover investigation, the Israel Police Cyber Unit arrested a suspect for extortion of one of the country’s largest banks and other companies. The police claim that the 32-year-old suspect, a former bank employee, threatened to expose the clients’ database if he doesn’t receive a sum of over 1 million shekels in Bitcoin.  

This morning, special police units conducted searches in several areas in order to locate and neutralize the suspect, while simultaneously taking control of his computer and his access to the network. The suspect will be brought for a court hearing later today in order to extend his arrest.  

Demanded bitcoin for ransom

Demanded bitcoin for ransom Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

During the investigation, teams of the National Cyber Security Authority cooperated together with the Banking Supervision Department in order to ensure that the organization’s networks were not damaged and that there was no damage to customer accounts.