Israelis have taken the easing of corona restrictions a little too far. That’s the conclusion of Israel’s government after a new spike in coronavirus cases.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered mandatory mask-wearing and prohibited gatherings of over 50 people, calling on the police to enforce health regulations. The police have come under criticism recently for failing to ensure that citizens adhere to the guidelines.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein warned also Israelis  that in order to avoid another nationwide lockdown they need to stop treating coronavirus regulations as “recommendations.”

“We are heading rapidly toward more than 200 patients a day,” Edelstein said during a visit to Soroka hospital in Beer Sheba.

“We were at a lull. The disregard for regulations caused this spike. There is no magic involved: If you treat the instructions as recommendations, the coronavirus won’t leave us. It’s that simple,” he said.