Recently, Border Crossings Authority agents foiled many attempts to smuggle weapons and multicopter drones via the postal service into Gaza. The goods were seized and investigations have been launched in order to locate those involved in the smuggling attempts.

Photo Credit: The Border Crossings Authority/Channel 2 News

In recent weeks, the Border Crossings Authority thwarted dozens of attempts to smuggle multicopter drones and weapon via the postal service into Gaza.

At the Erez Crossing, dozens of attempts to smuggle weapon supplies and materials, by disguising them as innocent mail packages, were foiled. The goods were discovered by Border Crossings Authority and Shin Bet agents while they were inspecting the packages.

In recent years, Gaza-based terrorist organizations have not widely used the postal service for smuggling items. However, according to assessments, the terror organizations are currently attempting to smuggle the goods through the postal service because Israeli security forces have intensified their operations to thwart smuggling attempts on other fronts.

Today (Monday), Border Crossings Authority agents at the Erez Crossing discovered 10 multicopter drone engines in packages.