Cybersecurity experts and Israel’s National Cyber Authority has succeeded in stopping a cyberattack on the computer networks of four hospitals throughout the country. The 50 computers that were infected by the malware were immediately disconnected from the main servers. No damage was caused by the cyberattack.

According to Israel’s National Cyber Authority, several attempts were made on Sunday evening to gain access to the computer networks of several Israeli hospitals. The SGX malware-infected 50 computers at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Baruch Padeh Medical Center and the Western Galilee Medical Center. The anti-virus software on tens of thousands of computers at the hospitals successfully identified the malware and prevented the cyberattack from taking place.

It is currently unclear whether this was an attack targeting only Israeli hospitals or part of a global effort. The computers that were infected were disconnected from the main servers so that the malware could not spread to other computers.

In addition, the access to the networks and the hospitals’ abilities to function was not harmed and no information was erased. At the moment, cyber security experts from various organizations and Israel’s National Cyber Authority are working together and investigating the incident.