Overnight, tensions on the Gaza-Israel border flared up with rockets from thePalestinian territory hitting the southern Israeli city of Beersheba. The IDF responded to the attack with air raids against targets in the Gaza Strip and restricted fishing areas and closed all the checkpoints along the joint border.

Scene of attack in the Israeli city of Beersheba

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have announced they thwarted an attack by a “terrorist squad” from the Gaza Strip on the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council hours after a similar attack of the southern Israeli city of Beersheba. The military explained in a tweet that the prevented launch had nonetheless triggered sirens in the country’s south, indicating possible new shelling from the Gaza Strip. 

This comes as Israel has moved to shut down all checkpoints on the border with the region and restricted areas for Gazan fishermen in response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Overnight, Israeli fighter jets began attacking targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire from the territory. 

The Israeli army registered a rocket launch from the Gaza Strip that resulted in a siren in the city of Beersheba going off. Israeli police said that the rocket had damaged a residential house in the city.

“In response to the rockets fired from #Gaza at #Israel overnight, IDF fighter jets have started attacking terror targets in Gaza,” the IDF wrote on its Twitter page.

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