Channel 2 News reported on Sunday evening that next month, the IDF will begin to build a wall along two sections of the country’s northern border with Lebanon in light of the threats from Hezbollah. It is suspected that Hezbollah snipers will target the construction workers.

Watch: The two sections of the border where the walls will be built

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After Israel’s northern region was hit twice in two days by spillover fire from Syria and in light of the growing threats from Hezbollah, the IDF is planning to build walls along the country’s border with Lebanon, Channel 2 News learned on Sunday evening. The Israeli defense establishment estimates that when the construction work begins, Hezbollah snipers will try to disrupt the workers by targeting them.

It was decided to build the walls because Israel suspects that Hezbollah intends to launch attacks within Israeli territory. The terrorist organization has gained confidence through its years of involvement in the Syrian conflict and has started to improve its offensive strategies. Israel believes that Hezbollah terrorists have been training to cross the border and take control of towns and communities in Israel’s northern region. Initially, a wall will be built in the Western Galilee near Kibbutz Hanita and Shlomi and another wall will be built close to Kibbutz Misgav Am, Kibbutz Manara and Metula.

The Israeli defense establishment understands that these walls will not prevent Hezbollah from carrying out its attacks but they will most likely present an obstacle for the terrorists and hinder their plans. While the Israeli defense establishment believes that Hezbollah terrorists will target the construction workers, it stressed that the terrorist organization is not interested in launching a war against Israel.

Meanwhile, IDF forces responded to the most recent spillover fire from Syria by attacking two cannons and an ammunition truck belonging to the Syrian Army in the Syrian Golan Heights on Sunday evening. According to reports from Syria, five people were injured.