Ahead of a mass Hamas rally planned for Friday, the Israeli Border Police are preparing to use UAVs equipped with tear gas containers as a way of dispersing potential rioters without making physical contact with them.

Watch: A UAV with tear gas being tested
Photo and video credit: Israel Police

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Tens of thousands of Palestinians are expected to march to the Gaza Strip border fence on Friday as part of a huge demonstration being planned by Hamas. As a way of dispersing rioters while minimizing the risk involved, the Israeli Border Police are preparing to use UAVs carrying tear gas.

The UAVs will be operated by remote control, with each capable of carrying six containers of tear gas which can be dropped on command. The device was successfully tested during a riot near the Gaza border two weeks ago.

Border Police Commander Kobi Shabtai, who initially came up with the idea, said, “Apart from the fact that this device poses no danger to the troops whatsoever, it also allows us to reach areas we couldn’t reach before.”