Israel and the US, in a joint effort to combat the Iranian nuclear threat, successfully tested the Arrow 3 long-range missile interceptor on Monday morning. The system will be tested later this year in Alaska against an actual missile.

Watch: US and Israel Defense forces carry out successful Arrow 3 missile test

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On Monday, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that the “Arrow 3 interceptor was launched and had carried out its mission,” after having to cancel two tests last-minute due to non-compliance with safety issues. The experiment was carried out in the morning with the US Missile Defense Agency in central Israel.

“The successful experiment allows us to hold in Alaska this year a full interception test against a real target simulating ballistic missiles like the Iranians have,” explained Moshe Patel, director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization. “This is something that cannot be done in our space for safety reasons.”

“This is a highly complex experiment, during which the interceptor was launched and exited from the atmosphere deep into space,” said Boaz Levy, vice president and head of the Israel Aerospace Industries’ Missile and Space Division. “The missile did all that was expected of it. We are very pleased with the results. The missile stayed its course and had there been a real target. During the trial, the interceptor simulated a fully operational scenario. It made a course as if there was a real target. That is why we have fully met the goals we set ourselves before embarking on the trials in Alaska.”

Arrow 3 missile testing

Arrow 3 missile testing Photo Credit: Defense Ministry Spokesperson

The uniqueness of Arrow 3 is that it is not simply a regular interceptor and is actually the only one of its kind. The kinetic energy in the collision with the target is large enough to destroy it without the need for explosives.