Israel achieves its ninth medal in World Judo Championship history: Tal Flicker, who competed in the Men’s 66 kg competition, beat the reigning European champion winning Israel a medal.

Tal Flicker

Tal Flicker Photo Credit: ONE/Channel 2 News

Tal Flicker won a bronze medal today (Tuesday) during the World Judo Championships currently being held in Budapest. Flicker, who competed in the Men’s 66 kg competition, lost in the semi-finals and beat the reigning European judoka champion, Ukrainian Georgii Zantaraia, during the match for the bronze medal. This is Israel’s ninth medal in World Judo Championship history.

Flicker will receive a special 60,000 NIS grant from a joint fund of the Israeli Olympic Committee, the Israeli Culture and Sport Ministry and the Israel Sports Betting Board. His coach Oren Smadja will receive half of the sum.

“I feel really good. I’m very happy, really. Crazy excitement,” Flicker said regarding the impressive achievement. “I expected to come and give my all. I’m happy that in the end, I got to win a medal. I’m really excited.”

“A world championship is the hardest competition there is. Each match is a world war,” the judoka stated. “Sometimes, matches don’t end quickly and you have to fight until the last second. I’m happy that I won in the end. I dedicate this event to so many people who stand behind me – the Israeli national team, my family and friends and my girlfriend. Truly, I dedicate this medal to everyone.”