Israel’s national rhythmic gymnastics team won the bronze medal for the All-Around group category at the European Championships being held in Holon, Israel. Today, the championship competition on their home turf continues. The Chairman of the Israel Gymnastics Federation celebrated the accomplishment, achieved just before the Olympics: “The Israeli national team has proven itself in real time.”

The national team following their win

The national team following their win Channel 2 News

 The Israeli national rhythmic gymnastics team started off the European Championships on their home turf on the right foot with an impressive achievement: All-Around group third place. Yesterday (Friday), the competition held in Holon, Israel began, and the Israeli national team truly proved itself in the international arena. 

The winners are: Alona Koshevatsky, Yuval Filo, Ida Mayrin, Ekaterina Levina (captain), and Karina Lykhvar. One of the songs used by the national team was a popular Israeli song by singers Omer Adam and Moshe Peretz. The Belarus national team won second place and the Russian national team took home the gold.

Ofir Pines-Paz, Chairman of the Israel Gymnastics Federation, praised the girls for their triumph: “The Israeli national team has proved itself in real time, showing what the girls are made of. The European Championships are the final test before Rio 2016 and there is no better evidence than this to prove the strength of the Israeli national team.”

“This is an impressive achievement for the team and the coaches, headed by Ira Vigdorchik,” Pines-Paz added. Today, the competition will continue and the two individualist gymnasts will head to the mat: Tori Filanovsky and Noy Ashram.

For the first time in history, the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships is being held in Israel: 37 countries, 280 gymnasts, and one Israeli national team.