The Israeli Justice Ministry told the American legal authorities that they refuse to extradite the hacker who created panic in the US and who already received two serious indictments within the country. The police: the young man also blackmailed a member of the US Senate.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

After Channel 2 News reported that the US Justice Department is demanding the extradition the hacker from Ashkelon and stated that two serious indictments have already been filed in the US, it turns out that Israel is refusing to extradite him. Despite the refusal, there are no ruptures between the Israeli Justice Ministry and the US Justice Department.

The Attorney General clarified that the hacker committed crimes in 10 different countries but will be tried in Israel. Tomorrow, the State Prosecutor’s Office is expected to file a serious indictment against the 18-year-old hacker, who is suspected to have made hundreds of threatening calls to Jewish institutions around the world.  As reported previously on JerusalemOnline, the hacker might have been paid by US students at the Jewish schools in order to get their exams cancelled.

In addition, the investigation into the hacker revealed that he also blackmailed an American Republican senator. This suspicion will also be part of the indictment that will be filed tomorrow in the Tel Aviv District Court.