Alejandro Toledo, who formerly served as president of the South American country, fled to Israel after he became a wanted person for accepting millions of dollars in bribes. Israel announced that he won’t be permitted to enter into the country until he fixes his issues in Peru.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israel will not permit a former Peruvian president to enter into the country until he fixes his issues in Peru, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced. Former President Alejandro Toledo is now on his way from the US to Israel and is expected to land within the country this evening after he is suspected to have taken bribes worth $20 million.  Israel’s decision to not permit his entry means that he won’t be able to complete his journey.

Toledo, who was president of Peru between 2001 and 2006, is married to a Jewish woman with Israeli citizenship. The American authorities told the Peruvian authorities that they do not intend to extradite him or to prevent him from boarding his flight from San Francisco to Israel. For this reason, he is expected to land in Israel tonight even though he won’t be able to stay in the country.

Toledo entered this week onto Peru’s wanted list and the local authorities are offering $30,000 to anyone who offers information that will lead to his arrest.