For 10 years, Chana has been dealing with the constant demands of diabetes – checking her blood sugar levels and adhering to a stringent diet.

Thanks to an Israeli smartphone app, this has become much easier. The app works in conjunction with a small instrument which documents all statistics accurately and makes recommendations for treatment accordingly.

The Israeli app “Dario” is used with a pocket size, all-in-one smart glucose meter, which syncs with the Dario Smart Diabetes Management app to measure, record and track blood glucose levels. The app records carbs intake, insulin medication, and physical activity.

The app, through its built-in GPS location function, also enables partnering pharmacies to contact patients in case of hypoglycemia emergencies.

Chana explains, “These apps has everything I need when I go to the doctor, stats, operations. I can also check how many carbohydrates are in the food I eat or how much insulin to take.”

Diabetes is on the rise in Israel as well as worldwide. Treatments demand daily tracking in order to prevent complications such as strokes or blindness. Dr. Julian Weinstein, head of the Diabetes Center in Wolfson hospital explains, “You can live a long, normal life, but you must monitor your sugar levels constantly. Apps such as these are a great help.”