Over a year ago, an Israeli-Arab couple from Northern Israel traveled to Syria with their three young children and joined ISIS. About a month ago, they returned to Israel and today, a serious indictment was filed against the couple.

Wisam at the Haifa District Court

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About a month after they returned to Israel from being in Syria and Iraq for more than a year, a serious indictment was filed today (Thursday) against Wisam (41) and Sabrin (30) Zabeidat, the Israeli-Arab couple from Sakhnin who joined ISIS. During their time abroad, Wisam fought in Mosul while his wife worked at a local hospital. Their three children, ages 3, 6 and 8, went to school in the city.

The indictment was filed in the Haifa District Court. The two have been charged with departing to an enemy country, being in contact with a foreign agent, joining a terrorist organization and undergoing military training. “I decided to return to Israel but that doesn’t mean that I regret what I did,” said Wisam to Channel 2 Online.

Last month, JOL reported that in June 2015, the five family members traveled to Romania in order to attend the medical school graduation ceremony of one of their relatives. After the ceremony, the family of five continued to Turkey for a family vacation. A few days later, the couple sent a message to their relatives in Israel saying that they were in Syria and had joined ISIS.

Due to the difficult situation in Mosul, the couple decided to return to Israel. When the couple and their three children arrived in Israel, they were interrogated by the Shin Bet. During their interrogations, it was discovered that they attempted to cross the border into Turkey with their children 10 times. The Shin Bet also stated that the couple drugged one of their daughters each time before they attempted to cross the border so that she would not disclose the family’s location.