This isn’t the first provocative statement coming from MK Ghattas, who has once refused to condemn the murder of Israeli terror victims.

Photo credit: Tomer Neuberg/Channel 2 News

As the condition of Israel’s former President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres remains critical after he suffered a stroke, MK Basel Ghattas of the Joint Arab List chose on Wednesday to unleash harsh accusations against Peres, calling him a “tyrant” who is directly responsible for war crimes.

In a Facebook post, MK Ghattas wrote that he was not willing to take part in what he called “the festival of sorrow,” after many Israeli politicians throughout the day expressed their deep appreciation for Peres and wished him a full recovery.

“Let us not forget that he is one of the pillars of the colonialist Zionist project, the settlements,” MK Ghattas added, “and he is also the vilest, most vicious and extreme one of them, who has lived longer than any other.”

“So let us remember his true character as a tyrant who is directly responsible for war crimes against us,” he concluded. “He is covered with our blood from head to toe.”

MK Ghattas has a long history of provocative statements and actions. He has referred to terrorists as “martyrs,” visited Temple Mount during an exceptionally tense period despite a clear prohibition from Prime Minister Netanyahu, and refused to condemn the murder of an Israeli couple by a Palestinian terrorist.

Labor Party MK Itzik Shmuli tweeted in response, “Ghattas is a petty little man whose entire contribution to politics has been nothing but hate-mongering, supporting terrorism and making cheap provocations for self-promotion. He is not even worthy of speaking Shimon Peres’ name.”