Over six months after an Israeli police officer fatally shot Mahdi al-Saadi, a suspected criminal, dozens of Jaffa residents protested on Saturday, calling on the police to indict the officer.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Dozens of Israeli Arabs marched in Jaffa on Saturday to protest the police’s failure to punish an officer who shot and killed Mahdi al-Saadi, a suspected criminal, during a chase in July.

The protesters, who waved signs such as “The police are the real terrorists,” claim the officer’s shooting was unprovoked and are calling for the officer to be indicted. “It’s been months now with no progress,” one of them said. “We want to know what is happening with this officer who committed cold-blooded murder.”

On July 29, police arrived on Yeffet Street following a shooting incident near a local shop. Upon their arrival, the officers spotted the suspects trying to flee the scene on their motorcycles and began to chase them. One of the officers fired at Saadi, 22, who was severely injured and later died.

The lawyer of the victim’s family said back then, “There was no reason to open fire because the officers were never in any life-threatening situation.”