TrialJectory, an Israeli company with offices in Tel Aviv and New York, transforms the world of cancer care through a platform with free and accessible access, comparison and enrollment in clinical trials and treatments, enabling them to make informed and personalized decisions.

Trialjectory integrates all sectors of the healthcare industry. The platform facilitates patients’ efforts to find the right treatment. By entering their profile data on the website, the system executes an algorithm and finds the most suitable trials for the patient. The result, rather than a list of a few hundred, will generate a top couple that are appropriate for the patient.

Pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials can use patient data to document the design of the trials themselves and facilitate patient participation in these trials. This significantly reduces laboratory operating costs and speeds time to market for drugs.

Physicians, whose knowledge of the thousands of options available around the world is sometimes limited, can find in minutes new cancer treatments and drugs suitable for their patients.

TrialJectory does not charge the patient for its service; the company generates revenue through contributions from the companies to which it refers patients. Once TrialJectory sends recommendations to a patient, the patient makes his or her selection and the company contacts the pharmaceutical company that develops the chosen trial or treatment.

Tzvia Bader, CEO of Trialjectory, says pharmaceutical companies express great interest in paying for this service because patient recruitment has become a bottleneck for clinical trials: “94% are behind schedule due to lack of participants.

Other companies have built search engines aimed at finding clinical trials, one of the best known being that of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, Bader says these systems produce too many results to become a relevant tool in selecting a suitable trial for a patient.

TrialJectory’s vision is a trend promoted by digital health entities: patient empowerment. Emerging technologies in telehealth, artificial intelligence, social networking and diagnostics allow patients to manage their health on their own or on an equal footing with health professionals. More and more frequently patients come to the doctor’s office for a “second opinion” after they have already made a self-diagnosis with the help of online resources.

The service offered by TrialJectory helps educate patients about the scope and options available to them, allowing them to participate equally with their physician in making informed and personalized decisions about their treatment options.