Israeli construction authorities said they have recommended that the US embassy transfer be exempted from the required 3-year permit procedures that endangered its timely opening, which is scheduled to coincide with Israel’s independence celebrations.

US embassy in Tel Aviv

US embassy in Tel Aviv Photo Credit: Krokodyl/Wikimedia Commons

Israel’s Planning and Construction Institution announced on Tuesday that it will recommend exempting the US embassy preparations in Jerusalem from the required bureaucracy procedures, following the reports of a possible delay of the scheduled move.

The Institution said that its decision was in light of the special circumstances surrounding the construction of the US embassy, which is scheduled to open during Israel’s 70-year Independence anniversary, and the importance of preventing a delay. According to the recommendations, the paving of an escape route from the building will continue without the necessary 3-year permit.

Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon commended the move. “As we have promised, we will not let redundant bureaucracy delay the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital,” the minister said in a statement. “This is a strategic and political move for Israel,” he added.

As previously reported by JOL, the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was in danger of being delayed due to Israeli red-tape requirements. During a meeting between the US delegation with Israeli authorities about the transfer, the American officials had reportedly clarified that the designated compound must first undergo required construction work to ensure the site’s security.

Among the necessities brought up by the delegation was the need for a sealed wall over three meters in height that would surround the compound, as well as the paving of an escape route. These would normally require additional permits.