A Russian-Israeli man was pronounced dead on Monday after he sustained severe injuries when he was beaten in an attack near his home last week. A suspect identified as Ahmed Kharsha, 36, was arrested. Police are investigating whether the attack was anti-Semitically motivated.

Russia police

Russia police Photo Credit: Dickelbers/Wikimedia Commons

Israeli national Mikhail Verevskoy, 27, died Monday in a St. Petersburg hospital after he sustained critical head injuries when he was attacked near his home last week. Local authorities said they are investigating the case as a possible anti-Semitic attack.

Russian media reported that Verevskoy was attacked as he was walking home from a store on the night between March 28 and 29. A suspect was arrested and identified as Ahmed Kharsha, 36.

Verevskoy was pronounced dead just three days before his 28th birthday. His wife is currently in labor to give birth. He has studied architecture and civil engineering at St. Petersburg State University and immigrated to Israel in 2010 to serve in the IDF, before returning to Russia to get married.