Usually, when a person suffers a cardiac arrests, it never ends well. The statistics are bad: In Israel, only in 3% of the cases does a person’s heart return to functioning normally. Shilo Tuito, a 10-year-old boy, collapsed while watching a basketball game. He was revived and saved thanks to the quick response of the Magen David Adom paramedics.

For the first time since he collapsed while watching a basketball game, Shilo Tuito met Fadi and Ilan, the 2 Magen David Adom paramedics who saved his life, when his heart suddenly stopped pumping. He watched with them the footage of the graphic moments, in which he was actually clinically dead. Shilo’s family agreed that this documentation needs to be released to the public, in order to raise awareness and possibly save the lives of others.

In general, only 3% of the people who a suffer cardiac arrest and are revived, and show no signs of brain damage. Shilo’s case is special not just because of his fast recovery but also because his medical incident was documented from the beginning. The paramedics who saved his life were happy to see him functioning completely normally: “How are you feeling? Thank God, you’ve returned to yourself.” Fadi recalled the moments he was rushed to the basketball game while watching the footage with Shilo: “Here, we just arrived. Now we are beginning chest compressions. That means we are beginning to apply pressure on your thorax. You were not breathing and you had no pulse.”

After minutes of chest compressions, 2 electrical shocks and intravenous medicine, the unexpected moment came: “Shilo, now you see for yourself, you are actually coming back to life. Usually, people don’t come back from the situation you suffered.” Fadi explained that most of the people in this situation die or suffer from neurological problems or brain damage.