An Israeli-based study may have found a way to enable prenatal diagnosis of Autism.

There has been a considerable breakthrough in Israeli research in Ben Gurion University regarding autism. “I can look at a gene and determine if it is a gene related to autism,” says Dr. Eydan Menashe, who is in charge of the research.

Hagit Ron Rabinovitch, a mother to 19-year-old Elai, who has been diagnosed with autism, was very excited to hear the news. “This research supplies detection and an explanation of the condition,” she enthuses. “For me, it gives hope.”

The researchers found similar characteristics which cause autism in 650 genes. This may help in detecting an additional 350 genes which may be connected to autism as well. The researchers contend that within 5 years, it may be possible to diagnose autism during pregnancy with a simple blood test. “

Maybe he will still be able to call me Mom,” said Hagit. Eitan Mizrahi, Director of the Alut organization for people with autism adds, “This is a breakthrough for parents of children with autism who are considering having other children.”  Mapping additional genes may lead to medicine which could prevent autism. Although it might take up to 5 years to develop the test for pregnancy, the research is receiving great attention in the international medical community.