74-year-old Ashdod native Omri Gavrielov’s family told Channel 2 News that the businessman was stabbed and beaten to death by four Muslims in Azerbaijan. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that it is still evaluating the circumstances behind the incident.

Gavrielov was murdered by 4 people

Gavrielov was murdered by 4 people Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

After Georgian media outlets reported today (Wednesday) that the local police are investigating a suspected murder of Israeli businessman Omri Gavrielov in Tbilisi, the victim’s family told Channel 2 News that the brutal murder occurred two weeks ago and that they still do not know why it occurred. “There were four Muslim attackers from Azerbaijan who entered into his apartment and brutally attacked him,” said Gavrielov’s grandson, Yossi Keren.

“It happened on February 24, but the body was only discovered four days after,” Keren described. “This was a very brutal coordinated attack in which he was attacked with a knife multiple times in the neck and throat. Afterwards, while he was still somewhat alive, they continued attacking him until they confirmed his death with a hammer to the skull.”

According to Keren, his grandfather’s body laid in the apartment for four days until his downstairs neighbor called authorities after she noticed blood dripping into her apartment.