Following last night’s Iranian missile attack from Syria, which triggered an Israeli retaliation, the Israeli Security Cabinet has convened to discuss the volatile situation on Israel’s northern border.

The border between Syria and the Israeli Golan Heights

The border between Syria and the Israeli Golan Heights Photo credit: Flash 90

The Israeli Security Cabinet held an emergency meeting on Thursday evening in light of the escalating tensions on Israel’s northern border.

Prior to the meeting, Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan addressed last night’s Iranian attempt to attack Israel from Syria and the Israeli strikes that followed. “The Iranians have taken a hard blow,” Erdan said, “and their plan to attack Israel’s territory has failed, so things can happen in the next hours and days and we should be prepared to retaliate.”

Erdan emphasized that Israel is not interested in further escalating the situation, but that it will maintain its policy of “not allowing Iran to entrench itself on the Syrian border.”

The Israeli Air Force hit multiple targets belonging to Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ special forces unit, including intelligence bases, weapons storage facilities and rocket launchers. It also attacked Syrian aerial interception systems in response to Syria’s shooting of missiles at Israeli jets.

Earlier on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders voiced support for Israel’s retaliatory strike on Iran. “Israel absolutely has a sovereign right to defend itself,” she told Fox News. “This activity and this action is just further demonstration that the Iranian regime cannot be trusted.”