Girls and their mothers who are not especially skinny came to a studio in Tel Aviv to shoot a very special campaign called “stretch marks”. This campaign strives to teach the public that like the name, the vicious remarks never disappear. Zohar’s mother, Tamar Sevilia explains, “People always say things like, ‘you’re so pretty — if you would only lose 10 or 20 kilos.’ It’s like being stabbed with a knife.”

11 year old Emily says, “A year ago, I didn’t like myself or think there was anything good about me. All because of how I look. It was all about what I eat, why I eat.”  Barak Sharon, who lost 60 kilos, was picked on as a kid. After watching a mother berate her son constantly on what he ate at a restaurant, he wrote a post on Facebook.  After hundreds of comments from parents and children, he decided to start this campaign.

“All my life, people called me names. I’ll be happy if I can prevent this from happening to other children. The message is: We must be very careful with our words and not just throw out comments without thinking. People remember this for years.”  There’s no reason a child should not love himself.  However, from a very young age, he must deal with comments about how he looks and especially his weight. Even talking about this at home must be done carefully.

Tamar explains, “Sometimes Grandma will make a remark and that’s not pleasant either.”  18 year old Ariel Sheinberg added, “Even my friends criticized me. The family talked about eating more healthy food.”  Emily says, “You need people to say, ‘you’re fine.’ Ariel offered, “Know what you’re worth. Just love yourselves.”