Binyamin Cohen, 35, was expelled to Israel after being arrested in Colombia for offenses including drug trafficking, human trafficking, theft and violence.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia Photo credit: Pixabay

An Israeli citizen was turned in to Israeli authorities on Sunday after being arrested in Colombia for drug and human trafficking offenses.

Binyamin Cohen, 35, is suspected of belonging to a criminal organization that operated in Colombia. According to local media reports, he was involved in arms trafficking, human trafficking and smuggling cocaine from Colombia into Israel.

Cohen is the second Israeli to be expelled from Colombia in recent months. In November, Colombian authorities arrested and expelled Asi Ben Mush for similar offenses. Upon his landing in Israel, Ben Mush insisted that he “didn’t do anything” and was “kidnapped.”

Ben Mush ran a hotel in the village of Taganga, where he allegedly hosted prostitution parties for Israelis on vacation, primarily former soldiers.