There were over 140 cutting edge Israeli companies exhibiting at the prestigious 3GSM Conference in Barcelona.

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“Every kid can create his own timeline,” says Ofir Gotelzon, CEO and founder of “Keepy”. “It is an application for parents to save their children’s drawings, photos and homework. They can privately share and allow their children to explain their work or photos in a video or voice recording.” 

Another company connects between an object and the appropriate site.  One company offers a way to charge a cell phone in less than a minute. Yet another Israeli company exhibiting started with an application for the blind which now allows everyone to use their phone without looking at the screen.

i4 Drive allows us to use our smartphone to drive more safely. “We analyze the level of safety and provide alerts in real time for the driver,” explains Adi Goren from i4 Drive. 

Gabai Ramsey of the Israeli export institute said that the Israeli booths were very popular. “Everybody loves the Start Up Nation. I’m sure the next Waze will come from this exposure.”