Israeli court recognizes the systematic arrests and torture of Palestinian collaborators by the Palestinian Authority

Israeli judge rules that the Palestinian Authority conducted, without a doubt, systematic arrests and abuses of supposed Palestinian collaborators between the year 1990 and 2003. The plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit on the matter are hoping to receive compensatory claims worth millions of NIS from the Palestinian Authority, via Israel.

Illustration Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

52 Palestinian collaborators, or those suspected of collaborating with Israel, have received recognition for the first time from an Israeli court that the Palestinian Authority had in fact arrested and tortured them for years. In the over 1,800-page judicial ruling, Jerusalem District Court Vice President Justice Moshe Drori wrotethat beyond a reasonable doubt, systematic arrests took place between 1990-2003, during which dozens of Palestinians suffered severe abuse, that left them with physical and mental disabilities.

“Throughout the day you’re tied to the wall, at night, they take you to interrogations,” one of the collaborators claimed. “From the moment you enter the room, you don’t see the interrogator since they place a sac over your head that was probably in the sewer for ten years. You don’t see who is hitting you…They say, ‘You worked with the Israeli Shin Bet, you have to admit it, period.'”

Attorney Barak Kedem, who represents the plaintiffs stated, “It’s as if someone read Dante’s Inferno and asked to imitate it.” The three plaintiffs said that at no point were they presented with any evidence or witness testimony, rather, only with the demand for a confession.

Some of the torture also included sadistic harm to the detainees’ genitals. Many reported similar methods of horrific sexual abuse that left them infertile and unable to have sex. “There’s some contraption there called ‘the bottle fixer,'” said one of the plaintiffs. “It’s a 1.5-liter bottle of Coca-Cola with a broken top placed inside a block of concrete, and you sit on top. They take care that your life is over. They finish you, ensure you won’t have kids.”

After the court’s ruling this week, which also recognized cases of extrajudicial executions carried out by the Palestinian Authority, the plaintiffs and their next of kin intend to move on to the next stage in their lawsuit: compensation claims worth millions of NIS, each, in the hope that Israel will confiscate the funds from the Palestinian Authority.

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