While hacker groups like “Anonymous” are trying to attack Israeli and Jewish virtual

targets, the Israeli Elite Force (IEF) organization is not afraid to fight back. The IEF is an independent organization that includes dozens of people, many of them hackers, whose primary purpose is mutual – fighting back against anyone who tries to harm Israel.

“We have been working for years already but only recently were we exposed to the public through social networks,” explains R, one of the members of the organization. “Our first attack was in 1997 and since then we have been working through all kinds of channels and collecting information for the State of Israel.  When necessary, we call on others to help us.”

According to him, members of the organization do not meet each other personally, and only a few of them know each other. “Our last activity involved hacking the Palestinian Ministry of Interior database and publishing the personal details of residents of Gaza and the West Bank.  In addition, we hacked businesses in Baqa al-Gharbiyye and Tayibe, and found credit card numbers, checks, and transactions.”

Members of the organization indicate their targets for their upcoming cyber attack on Facebook and Twitter.  At this point, they are planning on attacking the training website of terrorist groups in Gaza, the Palestinian Police website, and a big news website in Syria.

A number of hackers, most of who are affiliated with the organization “Anonymous”, have attacked Israeli databases – an attack that so far has not been particularly successful. The organization declared an increase in the virtual attacks in protest of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians. “Anonymous” mostly focuses on the security forces websites and banking databases.

“Several hundred Israeli websites were vandalized, and most of them were small and insignificant,” explained the cyberwar room of Radware.  The company has identified attempted attacks against government websites, and only one of them – the Ministry of Agriculture – was briefly defaced.