Israeli police officers detained a right-wing activist who, during a visit to Temple Mount, pulled out a US flag he had hidden in his shirt and waved it, with Palestinian worshipers standing nearby. Luckily, the incident did not result in clashes.

Temple Mount

Temple Mount Photo credit: Pixabay

An Israeli right-wing activist was detained on Tuesday after waving a US flag inside the Temple Mount compound.

During a visit to the holy site by a right-wing organization calling to increase Jewish presence on Temple Mount, one of the activists, who was being filmed by another, said, “We should all give a big thank-you to Donald Trump.” Then, with Palestinian worshipers standing nearby, he pulled out a US flag from under his shirt and waved it. Israeli officers who were guarding the visit quickly took the flag out of his hand and escorted him out.

The Temple Mount is one of the most volatile sites in Jerusalem’s Old City, with both Jews and Muslims considering it holy to them. Worshipers’ visits to the site are restricted and heavily guarded in order to prevent clashes.

With Tuesday’s Nakba Day protests over, the Israeli police’s next big security challenge in this turbulent week will be on Friday, the first day of Ramadan, when many Palestinians are expected to arrive at the site for prayers. Though the Israeli intelligence currently has no information on any terror plot, security will be beefed up all across the city nonetheless.